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Data Driven Websites
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Do you have a requirement for creation of a dynamic website that displays itself based on live content generated by traffic constantly moving in and out of your homepage? Then you will need to create a data driven website.
Here are the components required for a data driven website:

  • Server
  • Personal Computer
  • Server-side script
  • Database
  • Database management system
  • DNS Server
  • IP Address

A data driven website may be created using different database management systems - MySQL is used owing to its simplicity and ease of usage on Unix and Linux based OS; whereas, MS Access, SQL Server and XML data sources are used for Windows OS on servers.

Why should you choose a data-driven website, over a static marketing website?
Assume that you have an IT store that stocks every electronic good under the sun, from cell phones, laptops and PCS to Radio Frequency ID devices, DVD players and hair dryers. If a person lands on your site and is not given a search function, then he will end up browsing through so many menus and lose a lot of time and effort in reaching the bits of information about the product that he wants to buy – he would probably hop over to another website even before he reaches half-way through.
So your solution would be - give him a search option. Let him choose what data he wants to see on your website. Show him only what he requires. Save his time and effort. Help him decide quickly. Make a sale.

Where does Infocognize chip in? We, at Infocognize are committed to help you make that sale. Our experts will discuss with you, the needs of your business, the amount of data you would be storing in your database, the ideal size of your database, the application and the DBMS that would suit your needs, and present to you, a custom-designed data driven website for your special requirements.

What is more, our DBMS applications are based on idealistic programming guidelines to make them user-friendly both for you as the backend administrator as well as for your clients as the end users. Editing, adding, updating and deleting the database would be concentrated upon, with focus on ease of use, data integrity and a robust data base.
Contact us to discuss your needs today.
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